Weight Loss; Creating Easy Steps that Turn into a Life Change

The “Spark” that Ignited the Flame

Over 5 years ago I began a journey, though I never thought it would give me the tools to handle other issues that would arise in my life.

I stepped on the scale and I looked down, there it was, 208 pounds; I was shocked, to say the least. I had to lose weight, but not for vanity reasons. My mother was overweight and she had many health problems, all due to her weight; and I was doomed for the same if I didn’t change my ways.

I had to start somewhere but I didn’t have money to spend on various different programs. I went online to search for any free or low fee weight loss programs. It didn’t take long to find Sparkpeople. It is all FREE! What a treasure to find. I found many tools to accomplish my goals. I was more than elated. This is definitely my ticket to success.

I’ll tell you, this journey was not an easy one. It took more than just going on some fade diet. I was looking at a complete overhaul of my thought process and lifestyle. It began with little goals. The whole site is geared towards small goals, such as, losing my first 5 pounds.

The site is “user friendly”, it doesn’t take much to navigate it. The nutrition section is built so that you can either use their menu, which you can also print out a grocery list, so that you can get the food from the list. There is also an option to input the food you eat. It is based on calories. You would think, well this is just another weight loss program, no way! I entered my calories in a couple of times then I realized just how much I was overeating. I was eating WAY more calories and not to mention too many empty calories. That is what made my mind up, this is the way I would eventually get to my ultimate goal, a healthier me.

There are also other goals that I set up for yourself. These did include; to stop drinking soda, work out two times a week for ten minutes, or joining a multitude of community support

As my weight shed, I began to see that it wasn’t just a fade diet or that the site had some underlining intention of scamming money from you, nope it was there to help people like me or anyone out there looking for a lifestyle change. They where changes that slowly where integrated into my life and then they became part of my daily routine.

As of today I weigh 142 pounds, I have kept my weight off for over 5 years. Without the help of Sparkpeople, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Through Sparkpeople I did more than just lose weight, it taught me to be patient and to take steps. These steps turn into my ultimate goal. And with this I now have the knowledge to apply to many other areas in my life.

Common Weight Loss Attitudes and Tips

Once a person is able to reach her optimal goal on losing weight, tendencies are, they may go back to their old and unhealthy lifestyle that would lead them to being overweight again. Achieving oneself weight doesn’t mean its okay to return on the level of activities you have been doing before such as bad eating habits. So here are the common attitudes possessed by people who have achieved their planned weight:

  • Be realistic – enjoy every moment of your life and get rid of being unsatisfied on what you have accomplished or what you may look like. The important thing is that you lose some weight and maintain your good health.
  • Self discipline – having this kind of attitude is a plus. If you have self discipline, you will be able to follow and meet your goals rapidly. Also, losing weight for you is as easy with self discipline.
  • Eat healthy foods – learn and choose proper food preparation and recipes. Eating vegetables most of the time is an excellent preparation if you are on a diet. Also, eating fruits most likely will help you become healthier than eating junk foods or fast food chains that are full of calories and preservatives. Drink low fat milk and maintain your proportion by eating less.

After getting the right attitude, you need to know these basic tips on how to eat like a successful slimmer.

1. Take three regular meals in a day and don’t skip your breakfast. Minimize your snacks
2. Eat three regular meals a day at regular times (starting with breakfast), and lesser snacks.
3. Eat in small serving and try don’t avoid on any type of food.
4. Occasionally eat on a restaurant but lessen the fast food chains.
5. Get the habit of having a balanced, lower fat diet coupling it with eating fruits and vegetable
6. Take your time while eating, enjoy every food you have on your plate.
7. Be active by having regular exercises is one factor to sustain weight loss. Activities such as walking, jogging, hiking, cycling and swimming are the fun activities you can do several days a week or at least thirty minutes daily to determine long term success and it also burns down calories and unwanted fats in our body. Thus increases self esteem and fight over stress.
8. Have an ongoing support from your loved ones. Also self monitoring will help you maintain your lost weight, be conscious enough and weighing yourself ever week or taking down of notes is an easy task to support yourself.
9. Make sure to sleep at least 8 hours a day, stress commonly leads you to eat a lot and this may hinder maintaining your weight. Regular exercise, breathing techniques and removing negative self-talk that fuels anxiety are new ways to handle and fight stress.
Be like a successful slimmer by a regularly inspection of your weight an try to avoid worrying if you eat a lot and lastly, handle stress and avoid problems.

Realistic Weight Loss Goals for Obese People

Obese people often become discouraged and feel that there is no hope. Yet, weight loss can be accomplished by obese people through positive daily habits and disciplines. By doing the best and making proper food choices daily, obese people will become slimmer and gradually healthier over time. The following are some ways that obese people may lose weight safely and gradually:

Make Eating Whole Grains a Goal

Whole grains are neglected in the diet of many obese people. This is unfortunate, since whole grains are typically full of fiber, cause a feeling of fullness and encourage proper elimination. Begin eating oatmeal and whole wheat food products more often and several pounds can often be quickly lost this way. Merely making the switch from regular to whole wheat pasta can even make a difference, as it increases the daily consumption of whole grains.

Start a Daily Walking Habit

One of the most powerful things an obese individual can decide to do is to commit to a daily walking plan. See a doctor first, of course, as with any exercise program. Then, begin to complete short daily walking goals. It is fine to increase the time and distance gradually, in order to exercise in a safe fashion. Many people also like to get a walking partner in order to eliminate boredom.

Increase Protein Intake With Wild Salmon

Instead of fatty cuts of red meat, many obese people find that they are able to lose weight by substituting wild salmon as a viable protein source. Be cautious that the wild salmon is from a mercury free source. Eliminate fatty cuts of red meat in order to obtain a few pounds of weight loss through this substitution. Wild salmon may also be put into salads and pita, too.

Supplement With EFA

One thing that a person who is obese may do to improve elimination is to take essential fatty acid supplements. These are commonly found in the form of fish oil. It is possible to lose an additional several pounds by beginning this supplementation. Essential fatty acids do so much for the body. They are also very good for the brain and calming the nerves as well.

The above are some realistic weight loss goals for obese people. Obese individuals may benefit from eating more whole grains daily. Also, obese individuals may start a walking habit under a doctor’s care. It is beneficial to increase protein intake through eating wild salmon. Finally, supplementation with essential fatty acids does much to improve health and encourage weight loss. These tips will help obese individuals lose weight effectively.

Personal Weight Loss Success Story

How to Lose Weight and Have Fun Doing It

My personal fitness success story begins in early 2015. This is when my company announced the details of our new weight loss challenge “Losing Big Sensibly.” L.B.S (as we came to call it around the office) was based on NBC’s hit television show The Biggest Loser, but as opposed to participating with teammates, we were all “losing” alone. About thirty of my coworkers signed up. Our office manager observed each initial weigh-in, our beginning weight was recorded and the contest began. To make it fair to everyone, the winner was the person that lost the highest percentage of body weight during the contest. We started on January 15th and, as an accounting firm, the only logical stopping point was tax day, April 15th. I’m not sure if the looming tax deadlines helped or hurt, but I’m sure they did add to the overall stress level of everyone involved.

After about a month, the number of serious participants was cut in half. Every couple of weeks, we would be rewarded with snacks for in the office, or an afterhours get together at a local restaurant. I was especially encouraged when I would hear people that were in the contest make excuses such as “calories don’t count on the weekend,” or “I’ll just have to work out twice tomorrow.” When phrases such as these dropped near me, I knew I could mentally mark that person out of the running. Our office manager posted a running leader board to our intranet site, so you could easily see the current week’s top ten, as well as the trends from the two prior weeks. I remember seeing the first set of results and being let down by even being listed in the top ten, but I held on and worked my way into the top five by the following week. For the final weeks of the contest, I was in first place without any serious competition and after the last return was filed, I went home, $700 richer.

If you’ve made it this far, I’m sure what you are more interested in knowing is not the recap of the contest, but how I won it. Get ready for the two most important words to losing weight: diet and exercise. That was probably a letdown, but it is very true. Since everything you buy has
nutritional information based on 2000 calorie diets[i], I surmised that this must be a good starting point. Knowing that 3500 calories was the value for one pound of weight[ii], I decided that cutting 300 calories a day should net me about a half pound of weight loss a week. I began keeping a food diary to track my caloric intake and output and needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised when, at the end of the contest, I found out that I had lost 43 pounds. I kept using this method for the weeks following to get my overall weight loss up to 50 pounds and have been using a modified version of the plan to maintain my weight loss through today, almost a year and a half later.

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